Corsair Carbide Spec-05 case: Subdued looks and price tag

Posted by Evan Meacham on

In the past, Corsair created several Spec-series cases with rather violent aesthetics. In contrast, the Spec-05's silent. Besides a plain, stylish design, the Spec-05 is also functional. It will take full-size ATX motherboards, and while avoiding the power supply shroud commonly found in current cases, it uses a now-common configuration with the bottom PSU. You get 3 spaces for 3.5′′ disks and 2.5′′ drives.

corsairs carbide spec-05 case

For a size case, the Spec-05 can take a few fans. There is room for two top 120-mm fans and three front fans. Any place can also take 140-mm spinners. A 240-mm liquid-cooling radiator can be used on the front of the case, and a 120-mm fan or radiator can go inside. The Spec-05 comes from the factory with a single 120 mm red LED fan. Corsair states that the 3.5′′ drive cage must be removed to use a third 120-mm fan, a second 140-mm fan, or a 240-mm radiator in front of the case.

inside corsair's spec-05 case

Unlike many low-end cases the Spec-05 provides good cable routing holes in the back plate. You also get clean, reusable filters on the grills. Folks building new machines can pick up the Carbide Spec-05 on Amazon here.

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